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You may sing of your vodkas premium, and your whisky blended or malt. Of how brandy banishes tedium, or how Margaritas are better sans salt.


But for the serious and constant imbiber, theres no doubt the verdict is in. I’ll by pass the beers and the cider and head straight for the

London Dry Gin.


T’was William of Orange, the Dutchman

who first brought the liquid to town.

Of previous spirits t’was better than and old Billy was offered the crown.


We all know of Churchill’s Martini that got us from Blitz to Berlin, a withering glance at the vermouth, now fill up the P.M with gin!


Though Monday till Friday feels marginal, while slaying against our free will, we still like to sip an occasional, for London Dry is a thrill. So if temperance you find tyrannical, since the denial of drink is a sin, join me in the study of the botanical, and here’s to a bloody large gin.



Ode to Gin


Bombay Sapphire 40%

Citrusy & spicy, vapour infused to make the

gin nice and smooth

Single £3.25 | Double-Up for £2.25


Bulldog 40%

Lots of non-traditional botanicals such as

poppy, lotus leaves & dragon eye, well balanced

and on the sweet side

Single £3.50 | Double-Up for £2.20


Adnams Copper House 40%

Heavy juniper notes, lots of citrus

Single £3.50 | Double-Up for £2.20


Tanqueray 43.1%

Well balanced & slightly peppery

Single £3.50 | Double-Up for £2.20


Hendrick’s 41.1%

Sweet, a bit of spice, made with cumin & rose petal

Single £3.50 | Double-Up for £2.20


Martin Miller’s 40%

Citrusy & peppery, slight cucumber essence

Single £3.50 | Double-Up for £2.20


Whitley Neil 43%

African botanicals inc. Baobab tree the tree of life

& Cape Gooseberries, soft and flavourful

Single £3.50 | Double-Up for £2.20


Portobello Road Gin 42%

Juniper berries, lemon peel, bitter orange peel,

coriander seeds, orris root, angelica root, cassia

bark, liquorice and nutmeg

Single £3.50 | Double-Up for £2.20


Silent Pool 43%

Fresh floral and citrus notes with spicy

cassia bark and cubeb

Single £3.85 | Double-Up for £2.30


Tanqueray No. Ten 47.3%

A small batch gin crafted using fresh citrus fruits

best enjoyed with a premium tonic and a

slice of pink grapefruit

Single £3.85 | Double-Up for £2.30


Monkey 47 47%

Fruity & woody, with juniper & citrus, long & dry,

with herbal & pine notes

Single £3.85 | Double-Up for £2.30


Edinburgh Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueur 20%Perfect either neat with Ice or with a Fentimans

Rose Lemonade mixer. Yum Yum!

Single £3.50 | Double-Up for £2.20


Gordon’s 37.5%

Gordon’s is Britain’s Best Loved Gin. Established in

1769, it has the first pick of the world’s finest juniper

berries, rejecting all but 5% to ensure premium quality

Single £2.75 | Double-Up for £2.00